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Your Expert Corporate Formation Attorney

Creating a Strong Foundation

Accurate entity formation can have a major impact on your liability exposure as well as substantial tax consequences.

It’s important to have appropriate control features in the establishing documents for your entity to ensure your ability to run your company in the manner you see fit.

Corporate Formation

We Focus on 3 Primary Areas

  • Entity formation
  • Operations guidance
  • Contracts

Representing Your Interests

Our business formation attorneys in Kansas City provide a wide range of guidance on various legal issues arising in day-to-day operations. Whether it involves operations, risk management, or employment issues, we have you covered.

Every contract — from contracts with clients or suppliers to real estate contracts and leases — should be reviewed before signing to ensure they provide the best protection and advantages available. Our attorneys draft and negotiate new contracts and can represent your interests in contract disputes.

Your Corporate Formation Team

Why Choose Wallace Saunders for Your Business Formation Attorney in Kansas City?


Having an eye for detail when reviewing documents closely helps our team provide you with the best protection possible.


Our team keeps the big picture in mind. Instead of making decisions based only on what may work best now, we consider what will be best holistically.


We can assess situations calmly and with the perspective of highly experienced attorneys, meaning we provide an advantage to you and the service you’re seeking.

Providing Ease and Expertise

Our mergers and acquisitions team partners with the corporate formation group to give clients the highest level of expertise and ease when it comes to business mergers, sales and acquisitions, and buying or selling business assets.

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