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Whether the matter involves direct claims against or by a railroad arising from railroad operations, claims against or by railroad contractors who support the railroad transportation industry, or rail-related business ventures wherein our railroad clients are looking to expand or sell railroad property or assets, you can depend on us.

Our attorneys collectively have over three-quarters of a century of experience representing the largest railroads in the western United States (Class 1 carriers) as well as smaller short-line and regional railroads (Class 2 and Class 3 carriers).

Beyond railroad-related litigation, our railroad industry attorneys have significant experience assisting our railroad clients in their business ventures, such as railroad-related mergers and acquisitions, the leasing of railroad property to third parties, grade crossing closures, and similar transactional matters.

Moreover, our railroad transportation attorneys in Kansas City have a comprehensive knowledge of the regulations promulgated under FRSA that govern modern railroad operations. We are more than capable of dealing with numerous legal issues that arise from those regulations — both in the initial investigation and in any resulting litigation — including the preemptive effect those regulations can have on specific claims.

Beyond just the realm of railroad transportation, our team is highly knowledgeable about trucking matters. Exhibiting a comprehensive understanding of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations shows our commitment and capability of dealing with hours-of-service issues — drug and alcohol testing; driver qualification, hiring, training, supervision, retention, and discipline; and loading and unloading.

We Represent a Wide Array of Clients and Claims

Railroad-related litigation

  • Federal Employers’ Liability Act (FELA) claims
  • Grade crossing accidents
  • Federal Railroad Safety Act (FRSA) or “whistleblower” actions
  • Employment discrimination
  • Other employment-related claims and property damage matters

Railroad clients

  • Railroads themselves
  • Railroad contractors who support railroad operations (railroad crew hauling companies, railroad maintenance-of-way and asset construction companies, etc.)

Trucking and transportation clients

  • Self-insured trucking companies
  • Truck insurers
  • Shipping and delivery companies
  • Bus companies
  • Business and commercial auto insurers and insureds
  • Other members of the transportation industry

Early Response

Our attorneys are with you from the start. We emphasize early response to potential losses, with all of our transportation attorneys in Kansas City on-call 24/7 to assist with handling serious accidents and emergencies by visiting the scene to help gather and preserve evidence. This helps lay the groundwork for a careful investigation and vigorous claim defense.

We have an established emergency response protocol and will work with a team of accident reconstructionists, field investigators, and criminal defense attorneys, when needed, to respond immediately to trucking, railroading, and other transportation accidents and emergencies.

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