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Our Approach


Midwestern values — intelligence, integrity, and hard work — run deep at Wallace Saunders, and our no-nonsense, collaborative approach means you know exactly what you’re getting with us.

Based on more than 50 years of defending and protecting clients, and creating an environment that enables solid partnerships, we move quickly and work proactively to meet your legal needs.

Here, you get the right expertise. The efficient work of our team in evaluating simple and complex legal issues results in the successful resolution you deserve.

50+ Years of Experience

Fostering Relationships

Wallace Saunders puts clients first. Rather than considering what is in the situation for them, our business attorneys in Kansas City ask how they can best satisfy each customer.

Such an attitude in the courtroom and boardroom fosters a partnership that allows us to help move your business forward.

Some have even commented that our legal knowledge is “invaluable” as we know our client’s business better than their employees do.

Broad Perspective

Blending industry-focused legal knowledge with partners experienced in general law and litigation means we cover your legal needs from A to Z.

Offering a perspective not often found in other firms, we deliver enhanced value by putting a dedicated team on your business. Each of our business attorneys in Kansas City is up-to-date on your industry and qualified to handle any issues.

CORE Values

To create and promote a dynamic culture of attorneys and staff who are part of a unified team regardless of race, religion, sexual orientation, gender, ethnicity, or socioeconomic status, Wallace Saunders created CORE.


Create and foster an atmosphere of acceptance to foster collaboration and ensure inclusion for all staff members.


Operate our firm with a purpose that helps promote the inclusion of the historically marginalized and disenfranchised.


Respect differences as a value to be used to advocate successfully for clients and the public at large.


Engage staff to promote a vision of growth and development for all team members.

Invested Together

Our team is comprised of experienced litigators with broad backgrounds and varied legal expertise.

An important distinction, when compared to other firms, is that half of our attorneys are partners. You benefit from working directly with partner-level talent.

Wallace Saunders attracts the best and brightest talent through our commitment to partnership, hands-on training, mentoring, and collaborative efforts among attorneys at all levels of experience.

Partners with You

Our commitment and personal investment in each case allow your questions and concerns to be addressed quickly while avoiding the typical long chain of delegation and review that can run budgets unnecessarily high. Reach out to our business attorneys in Kansas City to get started.

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