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The ever-changing landscape and pace of human resources law can feel dizzying. That’s why Wallace Saunders’ labor and employment law attorneys in Kansas City are flexible and adaptable, growing with the industry.

Our attorneys are prepared to support any HR team — small, large, or transitioning — or business owner.

We take pride in partnership, collaborating closely to provide legal representation and counsel in a capacity that best serves your needs.

Labor & Employment

We Consult On

  • Discipline and termination of employees
  • Defense and representation of employers in unemployment compensation hearings
  • Defense of employment-related claims at state and federal levels

Extensive Offerings

Our services range from day-to-day consultation on employment to human resources issues — discipline and termination of employees to defense and representation of employers in unemployment compensation hearings and defense of employment-related claims at the state and federal levels.

We also handle claims involving race discrimination, sexual harassment, Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), whistleblower retaliation, and various other concerns.

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Why Choose Wallace Saunders for a Labor & Employment Law Attorney in Kansas City?


Wallace Saunders is proud of our ability to partner and collaborate closely to provide counsel that best serves each client’s needs.


Within the wide-ranging realm of employment law, our attorneys rely on one another as resources and are skillful in finding information as well as creating solutions.


No matter what the situation, our team is committed to a high-level of scrutiny in crafting the best possible response to whatever the claim calls for.

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With Wallace Saunders, you’re never alone — you’re free to concentrate on your core competency knowing our legal resources back your department.

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