We Launched Our New Website!

Disclaimer: This new website was created with state-of-the-art technology and infused with carefully curated content designed for optimal user engagement. Users may be subject to an above-average experience.

Now that we’ve got the legal jargon out of the way, we at Wallace Saunders are thrilled to introduce you to our much-anticipated new website!

A New Look On A Familiar Firm

Whether you’re seeking assistance for the first time or we’ve worked on a previous case with you, we hope you’ll enjoy the clean and intuitive website we built with the help of the award-winning website agency, Lifted Logic. By taking a step back and restructuring the entire site around what users are searching for, we’ve streamlined your access to the information you need and made the journey to it much more dynamic.

As a firm the Midwest has come to trust, we felt that we owed our community an online experience that suits the amazing experiences we’ve shared with them in person over the years. We decided to invest in this website as a means of investing in our clients and providing them with a center for resources. Now, all from one convenient place, you can:

In addition to these great new features, we also decided to work with Lifted Logic’s team to capture fresh custom media! Their team packed up a truckload of professional equipment and visited our location in Overland Park. They helped us collect authentic imagery to use throughout the site, adding personality and context to the overall project. This media, shot with our team, building, and clients, reflects the authentic relationships we’ve built through our practice.

The Wallace Saunders team was both professional and passionate. It takes a lot of internal coordination and dedication to bring all the elements of a shoot together to really reveal the character of a place. Their team did an incredible job of bringing focus and energy to the event, so it was a pleasure getting to know their practice on that level.

— Clint B., Director of Media at Lifted Logic

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